Conference Training


Risk the Change, or Change the Risk

This webinar presents a straightforward approach to identifying and analyzing change-related risk, along with practical risk mitigation strategies that you can put to use in your organization right now. (60 minute webinar)

New Change Manager's Survival Guide

New to Change Management? Here's your guide to surviving (60 minute webinar)

Getting Started: How to Implement Basic ITIL Request Fulfillment

Still "taking tickets"? Here's what you need to know to get started with Request Fulfillment (45 minute webinar)

A Practical Approach to Getting Started with Service Catalog

Know you need a Service Catalog, but your organization isn't ready? Here's a practical approach to getting started! (58 minute webinar )

The Real Value of Incident Management

When a service goes down, is there 'value' in Incident Management? Explores how smart organizations are creating real business value through proactive use of the knowledge gathered in the process of recovering services. (39 minute webinar)