This new title is essential reading for anyone wishing to understand how IT change management can be implemented and put into practice within the workplace. It bridges the gap between best practice training and the realities faced in real world implementation. The roles of people involved, the challenges they will face and how to overcome those challenges are discussed in detail. This practical guidance focuses on business value and outcomes above process, and will ensure practitioners can effectively manage IT changes in the context of their organization, regardless of the frameworks chosen.

KEY BENEFIT – learn how to:

  • Effectively manage IT changes
  • Solve real world challenges of implementing IT change management
  • Focus on outcomes and business value rather than process
  • Adopt and adapt change management principles to your needs
  • Gain (and maintain) organizational support
  • Address cultural concerns (through organizational change management)

“Whether you are just beginning IT change management in your organization or are under pressure to make it deliver better outcomes, the insights and recommendations in this publication can help you accomplish your goals. Make this your guide to a better IT change management capability during this time of technological disruption and rapid business transformation”
Roy Atkinson, senior writer/analyst, UBM Americas – HDI

“I would like to strongly recommend this book for everyone who is seeking a practical, common sense guidance and approach to Change Management”
– Andrea Kis, Senior Consultant, Information Services Group Ltd

“It’s clear from the outset that the author has a deep understanding and significant experience of IT change management, which he has managed to fluently translate in to a publication that allows the reader to question their own understanding of the topic, how it actually works in the real world and how it can be applied within a business environment. Certainly, looking at myself, I will now question and challenge how we do certain things relating to change management within my work place, based on the content of this publication.”
– Peter Saxon

“Greg provides a phased approach to make change management an organizational capability by providing a practical guide that will help the newcomer to the topic understand and develop the necessary knowledge and skills or the more experienced individual to get even better. If you work in change management, need to understand change management or want to figure out how to make the existing change management actually work, get and study Greg’s book”
– David Moskowitz, CIO Productivity Solutions, Inc.