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IT Change Management or Blame Management

Far too often the first question when changes go bad is “did it go to CAB”. The question is not…

Getting started with a basic service catalog

Knowing you need a service catalog and getting your organization to have one are two very different things. Here’s some…
Standard Changes

Killing CAB, Part I: Standard Changes

Hate CAB? You’re in good company if you do. I’ve never met someone who actually likes coming to CAB. What I…

Fusion 15: Five Simple Ways to Make the Most of the Premier Conference

Fusion 15 is the premier ITSM conference – Part HDI conference, part ITSM conference, and new this year, DevOps Fusion.…

A Lesson Hard Learned: Hiding Behind A Service Level Agreement

But there is no joy in Mudville- mighty Casey has struck out. Ernest Lawrance Thayer penned those infamous words to…
CAB Agenda

Five things that should be on every CAB agenda

What are we supposed to talk about at CAB? What should be on the CAB agenda?
IT Strategic Vision IT Service Management transformation unicorn rainbow

IT Strategic Vision: The Land of Unicorns and Rainbows

What do unicorns and rainbows have to do with IT Strategic Vision and Service Management? It’s an interesting tale, and…
best practices

Best Practices Don’t Make you Excellent!

 “Best practices can only make you average. They stifle creativity and encourage ‘inside the box’ thinking.” I hear this all…
Basic RACI Chart

What’s a RACI Chart and how do I use it?

Misunderstandings make for good TV entertainment, but in ITSM, it’s not so funny. A RACI chart is a quick and…