Knowing who has an ITIL program can be really helpful in your own effort. In building a case for Service Management, it’s often good to be able to cite examples of other, especially similar,  organizations who are “doing ITIL”.

Not finding a comprehensive list, I created this listing. I hope you find it useful.

How this list is maintained

To be on the list, organizations will be validated by at least one of:

  • Direct reference in published credible source (trade journals, etc)
  • Direct reference on organization’s public presence (website, printed materials)
  • Email to from organization’s domain

References will be made to the source material where available. Although every effort is made to verify the validity of claims, this listing in no way constitutes an endorsement or validation of ITIL implementation. This is simply a aggregation of publicly available reference to ITIL involvement.

US Federal Government:

US State and Local Government:

College and University

Non-US Government:

US-Based Companies:

 Non-US Businesses:


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