Author: Greg Sanker

Greg Sanker is a 24 year veteran of Hewlett-Packard, where he served in various Information Technology roles, including Network Operations Manager. He currently manages the Service Management Office for the Oregon Department of Revenue

What to do when your IT “goes all ITIL”

Help! My IT has gone all ITIL on me! What do I do now? You knew it was coming.  It’s how it goes with these things. You ask IT to focus a little more on the business. An innocent request in itself. We’re all under pressure, and all you wanted was more focus on the …

IT Service Managment: It’s all about value to the business

ITIL is designed to maximize business value, so why is it so often viewed as a process-improvement effort? IT Service Management can be polarizing, almost a religious experience –  it’s many things to many people; understood by few, misunderstood by most, and ultimately, is just kind of annoying to everyone else. I remember going to …