Looking for some great ITSM blogs? Look no further. Here’s a truckload of great resources you should be reading!

ITSM Blogs

There’s a lot of ITSM information out there. Some really good stuff, and a fair amount of sleeping-aid reading. Need something to really wake up your ITSM efforts, and get you going?

I was recently asked what ITSM BlogsITSM blogs I’d recommend –  what I regularly read.

Here’s some of my favorites, in no particular order:

1. Escoute Consulting. Mark Thomas is a seasoned ITSM practitioner, consultant and trainer. He has very practical, well written articles, often focusing on IT Governance.   Mark is also a regular author at Interface. Lots of great information. Mark should be on your read list.

2. Stuart Rance is a must-read. Period. Go read now. Optimal Service Management is Stuart’s company blog. He’s also a featured blogger over at SysAid.

3. HowToITIL. Mika Salo is one of my favorite ITSM bloggers. He writes from the heart, with profound thoughts and observations from everyday life. Stop by and check him out. Tell him I sent you.

4. Service Management Journey. Ryan Ogilvie is a prolific writer covering a broad variety of IT Service Management topics. Definitely one to stop in on regularly.

5. Though technically not a blog, The ITSM Review features a host of regular and guest bloggers, analysis, and information. A great resource.

6. Core ITSM. A really great source of ITSM  information from James Finister.

7. Joe the IT Guy. Joe’s the man. Well, sorta. Great articles on all things ITSM.

8. Kengon. Kenneth Gonzalez offers up some really great insights. Really great stuff here; something for everyone. Never miss a chance to read Kengon!